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Field trip pictures

25/06/03 Field trip to Dorket Head
Pictures courtesy John Wolff
Field notes - click to read

06/07/03 Field trip to Lincolnshire Wolds
Pictures courtesy John Wolff
Excursion report - Mercian Geologist 2004, 16(1), 56-57

19/07/03, Field trip to Snailbeach Mine, Shropshire - Pictures courtesy John Wolff

15/05/05 Field trip to Tilton Railway Cutting, Leicestershire [SK761055],
Marlstone Rock Formation. Pictures courtesy Bruce Blanchard
Excursion report - Mercian Geologist 2006, 16(3), 215-216

21/07/07, Field trip to Breedon and Cloud Hill Quarries - Pictures courtesy M.Bryce & J.Wolff

18/05/08 Field trip to some little known oilfields of the East Midlands
Pictures courtesy Marion Bryce

01/06/08 Field trip to Charnwood Forest
Pictures courtesy Marion Bryce

23/07/08 Evening Field trip - Huncote Sand Quarry, Pictures courtesy Marion Bryce

18-19/10/08 Weekend Field trip to The Gower
Pictures courtesy Marion Bryce

18/05/08 Bantycock Mine near Newark, Notts
Pictures and caption details courtesy David Bate
Field Notes - Click to read

20/05/09 Lodge House Opencast coal site
near Smalley, Derbyshire
Approved pictures by UK Coal courtesy Marion Bryce

24/06/09 Ecton Hill copper mines
Ecton, Derbyshire
Pictures courtesy Marion Bryce

18/10/09 The Geology of the Matlock Gorge Area
Matlock, Derbyshire
Pictures courtesy Marion Bryce

09/05/10 The Clitheroe Area
Pictures courtesy Marion Bryce

04/07/10 Scarborough
Weekend visit to the Yorkshire Coast and the Rotunda Museum, Scarborough
Picture courtesy Marion Bryce

17/10/10 The Clitheroe Area
Guided visit to the Coal Mining Museum at Wakefield
Picture courtesy Marion Bryce

Pictures from around the East Midlands

2006 - Demolition in Canal Street/London Road in Nottingham exposing the Nottingham Castle Sandstones
Picture courtesy Don Cameron
March 2011 - Baryte cemented Nottingham Castle Sandstone overlying Lenton Sandstone making up the Hemlock Stone, Stapleford Hill
Picture courtesy Neil Turner
April 2011 - Herring-bone cross bedding and channel bedding in the Nottingham Castle Sandstone. Mansfield Road cemetery, Nottingham
Picture courtesy Neil Turner
February 2011 - Caves, including Mortimer's Hole Cave, in Nottingham Castle Sandstone at Nottingham Castle Rock
Picture courtesy Neil Turner
April 2011 - Cross bedding in 3-dimensions in Nottingham Castle Sandstone at Tunnel Road, The Park, Nottingham
Picture courtesy Neil Turner
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